Good Vibes Only - What does it mean?

When we first started the Good Vibes Only community, many may have thought it was just another social trend. In fact many do only see it as a trend and nothing more. They don’t really understand why it was created, or even know that we were responsible for encouraging the community. Because of this, we have seen a number of individuals, companies and brands push the trend as their own, to increase popularity or sell merchandise. Apart from promoting the trend with the wrong intentions, the problem with this is that people will never understand the importance and the depth to the phrase, Good Vibes Only.

In short, Good Vibes Only is commonly used to describe a positive way of living. Our brand believes that everything in your life should consist of Good Vibes Only - thus positivity being the key to living a positive life. Although this briefly describes what the phrase means, the objective today is to give you a greater insight.

It’s true that some people may not really want to understand the depth behind it. In fact we created this community purely to spread positivity in a simple way. Using the hashtag #GoodVibesOnly or #ShareYourDailyVibes helps people identify and use the phrase more easily. If it is just a social trend to some, that’s completely fine too. After all, a trend is never a bad thing! However to reap the benefits from the phrase, it’s always great to understand what it really means.

Further Understanding

There’s lots of talk about “vibes” these days. Most understand vibes as feelings, or primarily energy, and those who understand it a little deeper will link it to vibration, as everything around us is made up of vibrating energy. 

We are all transmitters and receivers of vibrational frequencies. The vibrations we put out are ALWAYS pulling in stuff that’s vibrating at a similar frequency to us. Negative emotions vibrate at a lower pitch, while positive feelings such as joy and appreciation, vibrate at the highest pitch of all. Whatever frequency we emit, the same or similar frequency is drawn to us. If you send out good vibes to the Universe - say for example, feelings of joy, then the Universe will give you back more things to feel joyful about.

Final Note

It is hoped that this post has helped you understand why it is important to be about Good Vibes Only. The energy you project, is the energy that’s sent back to you. To experience things that will make you feel good, you need to feel good right now. So it can be said that positive energy, or rather, good vibes, are essential to living the good life. 

The easiest way to remain positive is to practice living a positive life. Embracing positive lifestyle habits will also help you remain at higher vibrational states.

Use our hashtag #ShareYourDailyVibes or tag us @shareyourdailyvibes to be a part of the community and spread more positivity in the world so people can experience more positive outcomes.

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